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Re: [leiningen] need help with file level dependency mgmt

Re: [leiningen] need help with file level dependency mgmt

Phil Hagelberg
2013-11-20 @ 05:04
Kim Kinnear writes:

> Our build isn't on the internet, and so I have to get all
> of the .jar files and put them somewhere for leiningen to
> get to them.  Which is fine.  The problem I'm having is
> that leiningen apparently needs a local repo to be running
> a web server (even for local file access).  While it may seem
> outlandish, our build process runs in such a way that there
> isn't a local web server running against the directories
> to which the build has access.

You should be able to use file:/// URLs as :repositories entries. You
just need to structure the directory as a proper repository; I think you
can try using `lein deploy file:///tmp/repo` from a project to see what
the structure should look like.