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[ANN] leinjacker 0.4.1 released

[ANN] leinjacker 0.4.1 released

Toby Crawley
2012-12-19 @ 16:16
I just pushed version 0.4.1 of leinjacker to clojars[1]. The only
change in this release is a patch by Raynes that fixes the way
preconditions are handled in deps/has-dep? and deps/add-if-missing
when used with leiningen HEAD. If you use either of those functions,
you'll need to update your leinjacker dependency to maintain
compatibility with future lein releases.

# What is leinjacker?

leinjacker[2] is a library of utilities for Leiningen plug-in
developers. It includes functions that help a plugin maintain
compatibility with lein 1 & 2, along with various other tools that
don't belong in lein proper.


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