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new mailing list:

new mailing list:

Eric Wong
2014-11-17 @ 08:08
You may (optionally) subscribe to the new mailing list at:

I do not have a list of subscribers to the current librelist,
so there's no way I can migrate existing users.

Unlike librelist, no subscription is needed to all to post, so be sure
to reply-to-all when posting.  Keep in mind using reply-to-all will
probably get you kicked from this librelist list, but that's one way
to close the existing list to move to the new one :)

If your ISP prevents you from using port 25, port 587 (submission) is
open on  You may use Tor if you do not wish to expose your
IP when using port 587.

Any HTML mail will be flagged as spam, so please do not send it and
waste storage and bandwidth on it.  Basic, old-fashioned mailing list
conventions apply: no top-posting, trim replies, attribute your quotes,
short signatures, etc.

This existing list will operate in public-inbox "hijack mode":
the new address is subscribed to the old librelist, so any messages
sent to the librelist are automatically archived to the new
public-inbox.  Of course, not much happens here, anyways, so
nobody notices :)


Over the years, I've come to disagree with the subscription-required
posting policy of librelist.  Combined with disabling of rsync archives,
one of my main reasons for choosing librelist back in the day are gone.

Lately, I've also been working on public-inbox,
an "archives-first" approach to mailing lists using git.

ssoma (git) archives are available at: git://
The ssoma format is described at

HTML archives are going to
All archives imported from gmane, and posts to this librelist
also go there.

Thank you for reading.