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Re: [kgio] [PATCH] preliminary implementation of "smart_nopush"

Re: [kgio] [PATCH] preliminary implementation of "smart_nopush"

Eric Wong
2011-01-29 @ 04:34
I'm thinking about reverting this patch in favor of improving
libautocork which is more general (but eventually I want this to be a
set-and-forget kernel option that's easy for app authors to use).

Here's what I posted to the Rainbows! list:

Eric Wong <> wrote:
> I started working on some patches for libautocork here at the moment
> If we can prove it works for more cases, I'll push for it to become a
> kernel option that is fire-and-forget on the listen socket so
> applications won't have to keep track of when to cork/uncork sockets
> anymore.
> I'll probably revert the change to kgio since kgio can't track close()
> (nor SSL_read/SSL_write afaik if/when kgio gets SSL support)...
> I will do some live testing once I get rid of the hard-coded descriptor
> limit and make it thread-safe.

Eric Wong