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[ANN] Joblib 0.9.2 released

[ANN] Joblib 0.9.2 released

Loïc Estève
2015-10-15 @ 21:09
  This is a major release with the following main new features:
   - automatic batching of tasks. This speeds up significantly the
     parallel execution of very short tasks.
   - new context manager based API (``with'``block) to re-use
     the same pool of workers across consecutive parallel calls.
   - the ``forkserver`` start method enabled for multiprocessing by default
     under non-Windows platforms for Python 3.4 and later in order to
     avoid possible crash with some version of BLAS such as vecLib /
     Accelerate under OSX for instance

For more details, see:

As always you can grab the latest release from PyPI: