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Dropping Python 2.5

Dropping Python 2.5

Gael Varoquaux
2012-11-10 @ 19:00
Hi Joblibers,

I am seriously considering dropping python 2.5 compatibility. The
motivation behind this is to support better python 3.X. Currently,
support of Python 3.X is flawky and must be done using code translation.
Dropping Python 2.5 would make it easier.

I know people who still run computers with Python 2.5, but I am thinking
that I'd rather be forward looking than backward looking. These people
can stay with joblib 0.6.5.

What do people think?


Re: [joblib] Dropping Python 2.5

Olivier Grisel
2012-11-10 @ 19:09
+1 for dropping 2.5 :)