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logging functionality

logging functionality

Ralf Gommers
2011-08-19 @ 14:19
Hi Gael, all,

During the sprint next week (and after that) I'd like to work on improving
the logging functionality in joblib. Here are some questions and notes on
which I hope to get some feedback before then.

Questions & notes about logging
- what should the default logging behavior be?
    --> right now no logging seems to happen by default
    --> if logging to file is enabled by default, where should the log be
    --> rotating logs?  if so, how many and default file size?

- why are Memory, MemorizedFunc and Parallel subclasses of Logger?
    --> it would be cleaner if it just had a log attribute which is a logger
        instance imho.

- the format should be customizable (i.e. add time/date, module name, etc.).
  what is a good default?
    --> I like something like:
                            format='%(asctime)s %(levelname)s: %(message)s',
                            datefmt='%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S',
        Not sure where to keep a logfile by default, maybe ~/.joblib/ ?

- need examples for users that use joblib directly, and for other libraries
  (such as scikit-learn) that use joblib.

- logging for multiprocessing processes to a single file (which is
  requires a custom handler.  The suggestion in the logging cookbook is to
  locking of the logfile with `multiprocessing.Lock`.

- a custom handler should probably only be added conditionally (or be easily
  disabled); the Python logging docs strongly advise not to add any handlers
  other than a NullHandler because adding handlers may interfere with the
  needs of applications using joblib.

- need documentation of what the `verbose` keyword does.  For example,
  verbose>1 prints "'[Memory]% 16s: Loading %s.." etc. for each result
  from cache.  The behavior should be defined for each verbosity level, but
  preferably also configurable in a more fine-grained way.
  Example: I would like detailed logging, but no printing to the console.

- there's a manual file rotating mechanism in PrintTime that should be
  by a RotatingFileHandler.

- it would be nice if there was a attribute to be used for
  The current repr is way too long.  Name should be settable during

Other notes
- Memory.__init__ shouldn't accept a cachedir argument with '~' in it; right
  this creates an actual dir ~/ instead of expanding to $HOME.

- If you change code that is used by the function decorated with
  you have to manually clear the cache.  This should probably be mentioned
  prominently in the docs, because it will be a common source of errors.