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[Release] Joblib 0.5.1 out

[Release] Joblib 0.5.1 out

Gael Varoquaux
2011-04-13 @ 19:51
Joblib 0.5.1 has been released today. You can download it from pypi, and
Yaroslav has packaged it in NeuroDebian and Debian Unstable. 

The 0.5.1 release is mostly a bug fix release. The major addition is the
possibility to completely turn off multiprocessing via an environmental
variable (Yaroslav Halchenko). Also new is added verbosity for the memory
object (Alexandre Gramfort).

As I had forgotten to do a proper release announcement for 0.5.0, let me
summarize the important changes in 0.5 release:

    * Increased robustness of the memory object.

    * The possibility to lazily dispatch jobs in the Parallel object
      (pre_dispatch parameter: 

The full changelog can be seen on:

Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko, Alexandre Gramfort, Nicolas Pinto, Pietro
Berkes, and Fabian Pedregosa for help with the 0.5 series.