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0.4.5 Release

0.4.5 Release

Gael Varoquaux
2010-09-16 @ 08:48
Thanks to efforts on bug squashing and cleaning up from Pietro Berkes and
Fabian Pedregosa, I am pleased to announce a bug fix relase 0.4.5 for
joblib. It is mostly a backport of the 0.5.X series that are not ready
for release right now. The goal of the 0.4.X is to be solid, so if you
find any bug, please report them.


Compressed changelog

Pietro Berkes

    BUG: Fix Windows peculiarities with path separators and file names
    BUG: Fix more windows locking bugs

Gael varoquaux

    ENH: Make sure that exceptions raised in Parallel also inherit from
    the original exception class
    ENH: Add a shadow set of exceptions

Fabian Pedregosa

    ENH: Clean up the code for parallel.