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Version 0.7.0 is now released!

Version 0.7.0 is now released!

Kannan Manickam
2013-01-27 @ 10:12
Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a great time.

Here is another release with some new features and bug fixes.
Get it from Rubygems:

Release Notes / Change Log:
Fixed a bug where the ignorecase was never used in view list
Raise an error if the view doesnt exists while listing jobs
Added capability to change the mode of a node
Added support for giving node to restrict the job during creation
Added support for notification_email option when setting up a job
Added support for CVS provider in SCM
Added create_dump_slave and delete methods in Node API
Added BuildQueue class which is accessible by @client.queue method
Improvements in all over the code for performance and error handling

Please feel free to report any bugs. Just open up an issue on Github
and/or email to this list. Your feedback is valuable to me. Just send
them to this list whether they are positive or negative.