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Isso 0.7 released

Isso 0.7 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-01-31 @ 15:06
I've released 0.7, mainly a bugfix/maintenance release without new features: o/

As always, you can upgrade from PyPi: `pip install --upgrade isso`. Enjoy.


  - fix malicious HTML injection (due to wrong API usage). All unknown/unsafe
    HTML tags are now removed from the output (`html5lib` 0.99(9) or later) or
    properly escaped (older `html5lib` versions).

    See 36d702c and 3a1f92b for more details.

  - remove kriskowal/q JS library (promises implementation) in favour of a
    self-made 50 LoC implementation to ease packaging (for Debian), #51

  - add documentation to display a comment counter, #56 and #57

  - SMTP notifications now support STARTTLS and use this transport security by
    default, #48 and #58. This also changes the configuration option from `ssl =
    [yes|no]` to `security = [none|starttls|ssl]`.

  - translation can now be made (and updated) with Transifex [1]. If you want to
    take ownership for a language, contact me on IRC.

  - fix french pluralform

  - the (by default random) session-key is now shown on application startup to
    make different keys per startup more visible

  - use `threading.lock` by default for systems without semaphore support