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Integrity with ruby 1.9

Integrity with ruby 1.9

2010-05-21 @ 09:35

I'm trying to run Integrity in a rvm ruby 1.9.1 enviroment without
success. First a little problem with encoding [1] and later with
ParseTree that doesn't work with ruby 1.9 [2]:

(in /home/david/integrity) 
DataMapper::Sweatshop::Unique - ParseTree could not be loaded, anonymous 
uniques will not be allowed

Test fail with: 

1) Error: test_provides_a_build_url(BaseNotifierTest):
RuntimeError: You need to install ParseTree to use anonymous an
anonymous unique (gem install ParseTree). In the mean time, explicitly
declare a key: unique(:my_key) { ... }

The question is: Integrity works with ruby 1.9.1 or I am missing something?

Thanks in advance.


David SedeƱo