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Fwd: [Kerala RUG] ICEFOSS - Free Software Conference

Fwd: [Kerala RUG] ICEFOSS - Free Software Conference

Pirate Praveen
2015-01-06 @ 06:35

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Subject: 	[Kerala RUG] ICEFOSS - Free Software Conference
Date: 	Fri, 2 Jan 2015 00:54:29 -0800 (PST)

Greetings from the FISAT Free Software Cell,

The Free Software Cell of Federal Institute of Science And Technology
(FISAT), FFSC is organizing a national level FOSS Conference "ICE-FOSS
'15" on January 15th and 16th. Workshops are arranged to help students
and faculty get hands on training on Free Software tools.

ICEFOSS'15 will be inaugurated by *Dr. V Sasi Kumar*, Board Member, Free
Software Foundation of India

Following are the workshops which are being conducted:

 1. *Data Visualization using FOSS Tools: Workshop introduces Free
    Software alternatives for **proprietary software*
 2. *NS2
 3. *High Performance Computing using FOSS tools*
 4. *Pygame*
 5. *Elixir*
 6. *Intel Galileo*
 7. *Cryptoparty and Debian Packaging*
 8. *Drupal*

We have also a Free Software Coding Competition lined up this year:

For further details please refer to the following link:

Kindly forward this mail to FOSS enthusiasts. *

IRC: #krug.rb, freenode
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