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Email solution guidance requested

Email solution guidance requested

Joseph John
2014-07-06 @ 04:24
  I am looking to implement a email solution, since  I am not that exposed
to email solutions. I am requesting guidance.

I have a requirement, where the client who has less than 10 email account
is using email solution provider. It is working fine and he is happy with
their service, What he wants now is that he needs a system in which
# All incoming and out going mails of all the account are stored or copied.
# So that even if the end email user delete a email also, the admin can
check from the new system to see the email communication
# Practically this new system should have all the communications which is
happening and it can be used as a back
I would like to get advice/help from the members in implementing a system
in which the above business needs are fulfilled

I am planning to install a mail server (zimbra/zarafa) on their office
premise, fetch all the email from the email solution provider. In this way
the local email server will all ways have a copy of all the emails going
and coming from the system. I have not implemented such a solution.
Is this possible to do, Like to get advice. It will be great if get url of
how to do
Joseph John