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[COMMERCIAL] Linux eng vacancy in UAE

[COMMERCIAL] Linux eng vacancy in UAE

Joseph John
2014-06-04 @ 07:12
Hi All,

 Essential requirements:
- An obsession with GNU/Linux
- 2+ years of Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience
- Ability to automate tasks with non-trivial BASH scripts
- Complete ease with working with LVM, RAID levels, filesytems, etc.
- Knowledge of Red Hat clustering
- Understanding of mail protocols, such as SMTP, POP & IMAP
- Server hardening skills
- Fluent English; ability to read large reams of documentation easily, and
extensively document your own installations.
- RHCE or higher Certified
My feedback for the candidates, if you are not confident on writing scripts
for sys admin task, please don't bother to apply

May be if you mention that you are "active member" for kochiLug or TVMLug
you will carry more value.
Interested candidates please email the CV to
If the candidate is exceptional in writing scripts, but do not have much
experience are also encouraged to apply
Joseph John