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diaspora campaign yatra and hashkcohi pod fund raising

diaspora campaign yatra and hashkcohi pod fund raising

Pirate Praveen
2014-04-22 @ 16:13

as discussed in the ubuntu release party meeting, I'm sharing info about
diaspora campaign yatra and looking for volunteers to help out. is our campaign website. We need
some volunteers to maintain the website - there is nothing much there in
it right now.

and discussions for this campaign happen at

please join there and contribute to discussions

hash kochi:

Someone has to volunteer to follow up with Hiran and get the sponsorship
brochure done.

Once we have the sponsorship brochure we have to raise funds for the pod.

We also need someone to volunteer to find out hosting options in kochi
and there rates. We could negotiate a good discount like we got for

If you have not created an account yet on diaspora, please consider
doing so now. A social network is only good if it has people. And start
engaging in discussions and posting interesting stuff so people keep
coming back to it.

Any other idea to spread diaspora is also welcome.