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adjusting the links at the top of the web page

adjusting the links at the top of the web page

Haszlakiewicz, Eric
2011-08-29 @ 13:43
I'd like to tweak the links and buttons at the top of the hgreview web 
page to make things a little bit clearer and (IMO, anyway) more useful.  
The changes I'm proposing are:

1) Change the "pull from default" button to say "pull comments from 
default", to make it clear it pulls comments not changes to the sources 
that are being reviewed.
2) Show the URL of the repository used for storing the comments.  (i.e. 
the contents of .hgreview)
3) Change the link at the top right that says "Reviewing _foo_" to point 
at the default pull URL for the source repository, not the review comment 
4) Add a "pull sources from default" button, to make it easier to review 
new changes that recently got pushed.

Do these seem like reasonable changes?  I'll make these available in a 
fork of hg-review, but I wanted to get some comments on the general idea 
before making the changes.