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getting useful errors from hgreview

getting useful errors from hgreview

Haszlakiewicz, Eric
2011-05-26 @ 19:09
I recently had a bit of a struggle figuring out what was going wrong with 
hgreview on one of my repositories.  I finally figured out that there is a
way that you can get more useful errors from hgreview, so I figured I'd 
mention it here, in case anyone else finds it useful:

Add the --debug and --traceback options:

hg --debug --traceback review -w 

or, if you're running your browser on another machine than the hg command:

hg --debug --traceback review -w --address

I also had the --debugger option and several -v options, but I think those
aren't needed.

With this, you'll get an actual traceback when errors happen, e.g. when 
clicking the pull button, instead of just a "500" error line.