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Fwd: Applying as a mentoring organization for google summer of code?

Fwd: Applying as a mentoring organization for google summer of code?

Tobias Pfeiffer
2013-03-12 @ 18:50
Hello HacketyHackists,

for those of you that aren't also on the shoes mailing list, I just sent 
this mail to the shoes mailing list.

It's about applying as a mentoring organization for google summer of 
code. If you want to join the discussion I'd kindly ask you to join the 
shoes mailing list as I suspect that there will be a bigger discussion 
there. If you don't want to that's also fine. I'll then relate your 
messages :-)


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Applying as a mentoring organization for google summer of code?
Date: 	Tue, 12 Mar 2013 19:42:28 +0100
From: 	Tobias Pfeiffer <>
To: <>

Hello Shoesers,

I've been pondering on the thought of the shoes organization applying
for google summer of code

Google Summer of Code, simply put, is a program where students get paid
to work on open source software. As I really want to see a shoes4
release this year, this would be awesome. Mentoring organizations apply
to be funded by the program and then students can apply to work on
projects of the mentoring organizations. They will then work on the
project for 3 months with some help.

So application for mentoring organizations starts on the 18th of march
and ends on the 29th of march (full time table: The actual
coding would actually happen form mid June until the end of September

*What would we need?*
2 Administrators responsible for organizational tasks and a group of
mentors that would mentor students, helping them and monitoring their
progress. A mentor would actually get 500$ at the end of the summer of
code. There is quite some more to a mentoring organization approval

As an important side note, I want to do google summer of code this year,
it's one of the reasons I won't write my Master Thesis next semester. So
I can't be a mentor or an administrator this year. Personally I'd also
love to be a gsoc student for Shoes to make a release happen. I don't
know if I'd be allowed to due to my high involvement with the project
and me suggesting joining it ;-) However whatever helps Shoes is good.

I also think that it might be better to *apply together with
HacketyHack,* because an application that teaches children how to code
is much more likable and goal oriented than "just" a GUI toolkit. But
work on shoes4 and porting HacketyHack to shoes4 when the time has come
is definitely a top priority of the project right now. And I believe
pretty much all the hacketyhack people are also on this list. But I'll
also send an email to that mailing list.

So what do you say? Are you up for this?

Shoes on!

PS: there are much more FAQs to be answered, I tried to be brief here
are the full FAQs: