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Gearing up for 1.1

Gearing up for 1.1

Steve Klabnik
2011-10-18 @ 02:55
Hello Hackety Hackers!

So, I'm going to try to get a 1.1 release out the door on Friday. Some
of you have asked about Lesson stuff, so here's the deal-eo:

You can write your own Lessons by writing in Markdown. If you'd like
an example, you can check any of the ones in here:

Specifically, like this:

Here's a step-by-step way to develop a Lesson:

1) Download a Shoes from here:
2) optional: GitHub. This is the official way to contribute, but not
strictly neccesary.
  a) Sign up for GitHub:
  b) Set your username and token
  c) Go here: and click
the 'fork' button in the upper-right-ish
  d) clone down your fork: $ git clone
3) if you didn't do the github route, clone via $ git clone
4) You can run your own hackety hack by opening up Shoes, and picking
"h-ety-h.rb" to load.
  a) If you like the terminal, you can also do 'shoes h-ety-h.rb' and
it'll open. You might need to switch paths. For example, on my system,
I have both in directories, so I type 'open -a ./shoes/
5) You can put lessons in the Lessons directory, and Hackety should
just pick them up when you start.
6) When you're happy with your lesson, if you did the github thing, do
the usual add, commit, and push. Then open a pull request.
7) If you didn't, email me a copy.

And that's it! It's pretty easy once you get the swing of things, but
if you haven't done it before, it can be a bit tricky. Feel free to
post to the list or stop by #hacketyhack on freenode and I'll give you
a hand if you've got problems.

As for what lessons to write, you can pretty much write whatever you
want! I'd love some more advanced ones too, like 'how to build a game'
or stuff like that. I don't care what, but I do reserve the right to
edit your Lessons as I see fit, as it's really important to me. So if
I chop them up, please don't take it personal! I love any help with
this at all.

Happy Hacking!

Re: Gearing up for 1.1

Steve Klabnik
2011-10-18 @ 03:07
Oh! I forgot what else needs to be done!

Here's the list of stuff we need for 1.1:


1) Remove this last remaining Issue:
2) Fix the integration between the app and the site, it seems broken.
3) write some more lessons. I'd like to get another 3 or 4 at least.


We're working the Rails 3 branch, if you didn't hear.

1) Add the Support section
2) Finish up some styling
3) Write a script to do the user migration
4) write an email to let everyone know what's up
5) Link to actual featured programs, rather than some filler text.
6) copy of the downloads page

It's a bunch of random things, but they aren't too hard!