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The state of HH, Whyday approaching

The state of HH, Whyday approaching

Fela Winkelmolen
2010-08-14 @ 18:18

Let's see what needs to still be done for a releasa on whyday.

1. Some more polishing is needed in some places, I think I will concentrate as 
much as possible on this. For example I need to add the possibility of opening 
a new empty file in the editor when another file is open. And it need to aks 
confirmation to the user when some changes get discarted, because of the 
application closing or another file being opened (as only one program at a 
time can be edited).

2. About lessons. The Try Ruby lesson set seems to work fine, I will go 
through all the lessons before release to see if everything works as it 

The lesson set I'm trying to write isn't proceeding too well. As I already 
said to steve in chat the old hh was quite different. I probably would have 
been better off writing new lessons from scratch instead of trying to adapt 
the old _why lessons and try to adapt hh to them. But at this point I will try 
to get something basic working based upon what I have now. Here is a list of 
the original lessons[1]:

Lesson 1: teaches the interface to the user and makes him write some simple 
programs with ask, puts and sleep. This lesson is mostly working, apart from 
#39 or #41 in shoes needing to be fixed, and some text referencing a barber's 
pole that isn't there (I need to either change the text or how hh displays a 
running program, I think I will do the former)

Lesson 2: centered around downloading content and rss feeds from the internet, 
I need to add a way to automagically display the feed with puts (or with some 
other custom method like display)

Lesson 3: creates a local blog, in the original hh there was some magic that 
transformed the content of a window into a table (data base), so after a while 
I decided to skip this one. Is there some very simple and fun shoes 
application that I could use in its place?

Lesson 4: some basic Ruby. I need to remove the Cheet Sheet and all references 
to it as I discovered it being outdated and unfortunately in png format...

Lesson 5: about videos downloaded from youtube. Skipped

Lesson 6-7: also skipped because they need features HH doesn't currently have.

In my previous mail to the mentors I said I would also write tests and 
documentation, but I'm afraid I won't be able to do that for whyday. Perhaps 
some user documentation, do we want to put them on the site?

Let me know any thoughts!

- fela