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Some initial launch stats

Some initial launch stats

Steve Klabnik
2010-12-29 @ 16:15
Hey guys-

Just wanted to say thanks for all that you've done for hackety. I'll do a
bigger writeup in the next few weeks, but here's some initial stats:

site: 60k hits in the last few days.

11,000 copies downloaded. Even split mac/linux

700 linux downloads, though those are having all of the problems that Linux
pre-built shoes is having... i put a big disclaimer about how they might not
work, I just wanted to see some numbers.

2600 accounts on the website.

Pretty awesome. It's a good time to be Hackety Hacking.

There are a lot of Windows issues, though, so if anybody wants to help do
some Red Shoes Windows Vista and Windows 7 debugging, I'll be hitting that
hard over the next few days.