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site in progress

site in progress

Allen Maxwell
2012-07-06 @ 14:43
A friend of mine has a equestrian ranch in Wisconsin and her existing web 
site is hideous.  I'm building it up for her from scratch in rails.

her old site:

site in progress:

it's a free heroku account so can be slow coming up at times.

I currently have devise, bootstrap and cancan integrated in the site with 
a Postgresql dbms to drive it.  There really isn't any db stuff going on 
(yet) as it's mostly static pages.  I am going to migrate the other 
content over after I talk to her about what she wants (the old site really
is hideous).  Don't have a lot of time but figured I'd do this when/where 
I can.

what do you think?  what can I do better.  as I write this i realize i've 
only viewed it in Chrome so far and I don't have any tests in place
:)  hehe