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Installation Trouble / Getting Started to Contribute

Installation Trouble / Getting Started to Contribute

Benjamin Liyanage
2014-08-30 @ 19:08

I've run into some installation trouble where my admin templates are not
being read correctly after being cached.  You can see a little more about
this on this thread here:

Can anyone give me a hand with this?  I've been digging around in the code,
and I can't seem to find any of the smarty caching stuff in there.
Specifically I can't find any smarty->display() functions or any calls
to $smarty->setCaching().

Beyond that, if I wanted to do a little refactoring to organize code a
little bit (those bootstrap.php and index.php files are humungous and
difficult to dig through) what would be the best way to go about that?  I'm
a big fan of unit testing.  I can start putting together some unit tests
for the app while I do some refactoring.

Thanks for any help,