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Friendica notification ticker causing excessive traffic?

Friendica notification ticker causing excessive traffic?

2013-03-09 @ 02:36
I happened to open the javascript console and noticed that I was
downloading every 40
seconds, despite that photo not appearing anywhere on the page.

Doing some digging, I see that every 40 seconds friendica makes a ping
request for an XML lump containing 76 notifications, none of which in
my case are younger than 2 months old.  It then seems to automatically
download the photos.  For it just says "not
modified", but for the beardyunixer photo it really does download the
same photo, every 40 seconds!

And it does this regardless of which page I'm on.  There's no
notification ticker on the settings page, but still I download the
photos every 40 seconds.

This does slow down my network page, which has lots of photos.  But
more than that it just seems absurdly wasteful, to the point of being
a bug rather than merely a desired optimisation.

* Notification ticker should only be active on pages where it's actually 

* Requests to ping should only be for items within the last minute or two.

* Don't download images unless they're actually going on the page.

Also, I can't log in to the bug tracker.  I reset my password, click
on the link, it asks me for a new password, then it takes me to the
login screen, I enter the new password, and it tells me my account is
blocked or the password is wrong.  Sigh.