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Warsaw Hackerpace Friendica Hackathon

Warsaw Hackerpace Friendica Hackathon

2013-01-26 @ 17:59

We are still in the midst of the Warsaw Hackerspace Friendica 
Hackerspace. We have about 5 people working on UI design ideas and 
testing connectors. The test server is:

We need some help testing Twitter connections, RSS/Atom feeds 
mirroring, theme creation and editing.

So, anybody could help with any of those? For now we just copied the 
Diabook theme (the most usable right now, as far as we can tell), and 
have a lot of ideas where to take it - but can't get our version to 
work. Can't find any info/documentation on theme creation. Halp? ;)


Re: [friendica] Warsaw Hackerpace Friendica Hackathon

Mike Macgirvin
2013-01-26 @ 21:50
The primary developer for Diabook stopped working on it and has only 
re-appeared briefly so we consider that to be an abandoned theme. Themes 
are "mostly" just CSS, though we allow for an initialisation file to 
create jquery/JS functions and use them in the theme. There is also an 
ability to create a ".pcss" link to the theme and use a PHP wrapper to 
set variables and give you the full power of the server to process the CSS.

Despite what has been called a "primitive" interface, the duepuntozero 
theme is in fact the most usable and stable and is the base theme from 
which everything else is currently some form of derivative. 
(Duepuntozero was derived from even more primitive ancestors, which are 
now long gone).

There are two choices of template engines and theme designers can alter 
any project html template to their needs by putting it in their theme 
directory. A recent addition uses the "smarty3" engine by default on 
most all of our themes, but the smarty3 templates are generated from 
templates created for the original engine. This uses a utility in the 
mods/directory to generate the smarty3 templates by pointing at a 
directory containing the original. The result is placed in the smarty3 
subdir of the main template.

The theme startup file can set (or unset) the default template engine to 
avoid this conversion step, which makes development faster.