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Sigh, Moving Round 6 To Dec 31

Sigh, Moving Round 6 To Dec 31

Zed A. Shaw
2009-12-27 @ 20:26
Hi Everyone,

I intended to have all the gear done in time for xmas so that all the
guys who got their new toys could get in and start trying to play or
post gear pics but that failed.

Now I'm sitting here about to pimp Fret War On craigslist and I realize
that the round will end before most people actually even see it.

So, I'm bumping the round to Dec 31st so that I can promote it, and
probably so you lazy bastards (myself included) can actually play it.

Also, if you guys could kick the tires and shoot me some feedback that'd
be awesome.  If you wanna try to break things, go hit:

And see what you can put in that's evil.  I just know there's a few XSS
attacks in there I haven't thought of.

Zed A. Shaw