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freewat mailing list and IRC

freewat mailing list and IRC

Vincent Mora
2015-09-07 @ 15:30
Hi all,

After a dense summer where we had very little time to spent on 
Freewat and could go as fast as we wanted, here are some news.

After discussion with Vincent Picavet, it appeared that we needed 
some specific resource to put on Freewat in order to get the 
development in shape towards the platform.

Vincent (Picavet) bootstrapped me (Vincent Mora) on the project and I will
be Oslandia's technical representative for Freewat as from now. I am
a mechanical engineer with a lot of experience in simulation and 
coding. I have been integrating simulation tool into GIS for a while 
now (e.g. hydrology and water management) and I hope this experience 
will be useful to the project. We started to improve the platform's 
development infrastructure.

I have created the "FREEWAT new developer's guide" on the wiki 
 with some links for git/python/Qt/QgisPlugins beginners.
The page "Coding guidelines" is empty for the moment, to define
naming conventions and co I would like to review existing code first.

The main branches for your developments are now waiting for you. I'll
do my best to code-review the Pull Requests and integrate them in
master in a timely manner. If someone want to assist me in this task,
please do so and do not hesitate to comment on other's code proposals: 
PR reviews are a great way to share experience and improve the code.

Also, do not hesitate to open Issues on the various GitHub projects: 
on the main project for code issues, on the welcome project for 
general and organization questions. There is no bad question, just 
ask. This place should become the main exchange platform for all 
questions and development task tracking.

Now the first steps for you are to : 
- get git  > (,
- clone the freewat repository (
- switch to the appropriate branch, 
- copy/paste your code directory there,
- add the files/directories to git, 
- push to the branch on github,
- use github web interface to create a PR.

As side work, we will need all informations you can provide on the 
wiki concerning the models you want to integrate, and the data they 
manipulate, input data types and formats as well as output. We will 
try to mutualize semantics and data type to put them in Spatialite 
database models as much as we can.

To avoid forgetting people names in group emails and to keep track
of technical discussions on the project, I registered a mailing list.
Please subscribe to the list by sending an email to (you will be asked for confirmation)

For quick questions and informal discussion, I also registered a 
#freewat channel on IRC. Vincent Picavet and I are waiting for you 
there. I hope to have a lot of questions about git and Python/QGIS
in the coming weeks.