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Re: next week's A-O training

Re: next week's A-O training

Kalin Stacey
2010-03-11 @ 05:04
Hi Food Not Bombs!

I'm emailing to inquire about next week's training. The Sierra Youth
Coalition - which is a youth environmental NGO - has an Anti-Oppression
Working Group that is hoping to promote trainings to members interested in
learning more about anti-oppression. They are also interested in reaching
across the environmental-social justice divide and learning about groups
engaged in SJ work and their organising.

I was wondering if FNBers would be cool with accepting a few SYC members to
the A-O training. It wouldn't be a huge influx, could be capped at however
many guests the group feels appropriate. It's also not a sure thing that
there are folks in the GTA who would be able to make it.

Given that A-O trainings can sometimes get intense I'd understand if the
group wanted to go it alone this time - but I just wanted to remind folks
that the consensus training brought in a few guests who mostly actually
stuck around and brought new people with them (because it's an awesome
group, right?).

Anyways, let me know if y'all are comfortable with it.