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seedy saturday

seedy saturday

jason wydra
2010-02-17 @ 08:19
seedy saturday (on a sunday this year) happens as follows:

Seedy Saturday... on Sunday! 
Sunday February 21st
Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St. (South of St. Clair) very close to St. 
Clair West Subway 
11 to 6 pm

Seedy Saturday Scarborough 
Saturday March 6th
East Scarborough Storefront Community Centre, 4040 Lawrence Ave. East 
12 pm to 4 pm           

there is seed trading, as well as PWYC seeds in the trade room, and tonnes
of vendors.but a good oppourtunity to grab seeds for planting for FNB, as 
well as learn a few things about what plants are best for growing in 
whatever environment we are growing them (planters, traintracks, public 
parks, community gardens, etc)
lets grow some food guys!


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 12:45:45 -0500
Subject: [fnbtoronto] Meeting/Serving Schedule

Hey, so for those who haven't been around, here's an update on what's coming up:

-The next meeting is happening this Sunday (February 21) at 6pm at Soybomb. 
On the agenda: a) Finishing off the Mission Statement b) Deciding how 
meetings will run from now on c) Talking about how to get staple items 
that we aren't findnig through dumpster diving/store pickups d) Anything 
else anyone wants to talk about!

-The next cooking/serving is happening the following Sunday (February 28) 
with cooking starting at 11am at Soybomb, leaving for Sherbourne/Queen at 
around 2pm.

-The following Sunday (March 7th) is tentatively set for the 
anti-oppression workshop (at Soybomb), led by Leah.

-The Sunday after that (March 14) is the next cooking/serving (11am at Soybomb)

(I've sent this out through the Facebook group as well to let anyone who's
interested know what's happening.)