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Ask for guideliens to extension dev

Ask for guideliens to extension dev

Sadeghi, Mehdi
2015-04-14 @ 10:25
Hi there,

I have already developed a web app using flask as a job management 
front-end to distributed computing sites. To do so I have used 
SAGA-Python[1] project to submit and monitor jobs on multiple distributed 
back-ends.  I was thinking to turn this code into a flask extension called
Flask-SAGA to let other users to simply embed this support into their 
flask applications but I need some guidelines. There are a number issues 
which I am not sure how far I should add them to a flask extension ( I 
want to provide a very intuitive, yet simple interface).

* Shall I add views to the extension for submitting, listing, monitoring jobs?
* Shall I create service pools inside the extension outside of a request 
context? (SAGA creates a Service object for each remote resource that we 
use, like a connect. It uses ssh for remote machines and fork on local 
* Which benefits really one could have with wrapping another python 
package (such as saga) into an extension?

Mehdi Sadeghi