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Feedback on a new flask extension

Feedback on a new flask extension

Sudheer Satyanarayana
2015-03-21 @ 15:11
Hello Flask developers,

I have created a Flask extension - Flask-Webhelpers. The extension helps 
integrate Webhelpers in Flask applications.

I seek your feedback on the extension.

The source code is available at

I tried to publish the code on Github. Unfortunately, Github is unable 
to import the Mercurial repository from Bitbucket. I also tried pushing 
using hg-git, that also fails for some reason. I will try to fix this soon.

Also, I was wondering whether it is a requirement to publish the 
extension code on Github. My personal preference is Mercurial. If 
publishing to Github is not a requirement, it saves me from learning 
another SCM.

Sudheer Satyanarayana