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[ANN] Introducing Metaflask

[ANN] Introducing Metaflask

Armin Ronacher
2014-07-03 @ 14:47

The biggest source of criticism that I have received over the last few months is 
that things stay unmerged, the response time for bugfixes is not quick enough 
and that the state of extensions is sometimes unsure and it's hard to see where 
Flask is going (lack of roadmap).

I want to help this now.  Let me introduce ... drumroll ... The Metaflask 
Project.  It's hosted at and acts as the central 
place for the Flask ecosystem now.

For my own projects I will add as much as information as possible soon.  At the 
end of it ideally all information that is self contained in my head is then 
codified somewhere and automated (docs should build automatically, more than one 
person knows how the documentation tools and websites work, how the release 
process does etc.)

For extensions I hope that Metaflask members will put all actively being used 
extensions into the repository as well so that we can start driving the website 
from it.  This will also help us push out security relevant information to Flask 
extension developers as well as advance warnings for breaking changes.

In an ideal world it runs like some sort of self supporting community that makes 
sure the ecosystem is healthy.

Each person that is added as a member has full write access to the repository 
and can add or remove more members.  As such it's important that people vouch 
for the people they add.  For instance I will only ever add persons I trust and 
know to the repository myself and work under the assumption that everybody else 
does the same.

Obviously everybody is welcome to send pull requests against it :)