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Seeking Freelancer: Flask API

Seeking Freelancer: Flask API

Miles Richardson
2014-01-08 @ 00:56
Hi All,

*I am looking for a freelancer with availability for the next month to work
on the backend API using Flask. If this is you, read on...*

I am the tech lead on a project I'm working on with a partner. Our premise
is that VPNs are in many ways a commodity -- a quality VPN is the same no
matter where you buy it. Our goal is to commoditize the market, by
providing a platform for vpn sellers  to pay hosts directly for vpn server
time. Think of it a bit like "incentivized tor". We can discuss in more
detail if you're interested.

We are applying to YC with this company in late March, and as such, we set
a deadline of Feb 14 for launch. We have significant headway on the
networking infrastructure, thanks to help from a VP at Docker. Now it is
time to build the website.

Your tasks will be:

   - Work with me to iterate on API design doc
   - Write API blueprint using so we can create mock server
   - Use dredd ( for testing against mock
   - Implement API in Flask, preferable with flask-restless, but whatever
   works for you works for me.

In the meantime, a frontend developer will be working on a Backbone app to
consume the API (hence the mock server).

I am a competent engineer and working with me is a pleasure. Please get in
touch if this is something you are interested in.