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Develop flaskr on apache, 404 ERROR

Develop flaskr on apache, 404 ERROR

2013-09-29 @ 03:13
Dear all,    I am new to flask and apache, I follow the flask doc did the 
flaskr demo, Now I want to develop it on apache2.4 with mod_wsgi (I'm 
using windows 7).

    I'm sure loadModule mod_wsgi work, the problem I think is the apache config.

I just add the following lines to apache httpd.conf as the flask docs 
said. "D:/flaskr" is the code of flaskr 
    WSGIScriptAlias /flaskr "D:/phpenvs/xampp/htdocs/flaskr.wsgi"     
<Directory "D:/flaskr">         Order deny,allow         Allow from all

here is my flaske.wsgi------------------------------------import sys 
sys.path.insert(0,'D:\\flaskr') from flaskr import 
When I visited <http://localhost/flaskr>, Only 404 Error return.I had 
search the internet but can not find the error, any body can help ?Thank 
you very much.