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Flask Project Idea, share your thoughts

Flask Project Idea, share your thoughts

Óscar M. Lage Guitián
2013-12-02 @ 10:09
Hi all,

First of all let me say I'm just starting with Python and Flask, maybe it 
will be a better way to do what I'm going to ask/aim, don't panic yet :), 
I'm just learning and, afaik, the better way is to start a pet-project. 
So, I would like to introduce you what I'm thinking on.

The main idea is taken from Dokuwiki [1], a php wiki software that doesn't
requires database (storing the data on files), pluggable, themeable, 
modular and many other nice features that I would like the app to have:

- Modular: anyone could develop an easily pluggable module to extends the 
app features.
- Pluggable: Any module should be easily pluggable (plugins that extends 
the module features).
- Themeable: The user will be able to configure the theme to use.
- Configurable: It would be great if the user (besides from the theme) 
will be able to configure the application routes, modules installed and 
its plugins, and some other values like analytics code, title, 
- "Frozenable": I was thinking on use Frozen-Flask [2] + Fabric [3] 
applications to generate the static content from the application and 
deploy it to a production server (I know it has no sense to serve 
statically some kind of modules, but I think it would be helpful in other 
- "Commitable": Would be great if the app could commit the modules data 
(blog posts, wiki pages…) to an online repository.
- "Administrable": The goal is to create two admin interfaces: command 
line and web based. First one I think best option is to use Flask-Script 
[4] and the web based could be a CRUD "" file in every module.

I've started some months ago a couple of similar projects (Flask-HTMLBlog 
[5] and Pykiwiki [6]) but I was too busy (and lost) to continue them. This
project could start merging both ideas (blog and wiki) in the same 
application as modules and look for people who wants to collaborate/cowork
in this idea.

I was looking for other projects [7] with similar features to get involved
and contribute but didn't reach any Flask related one. Do any of you know 
if I'm wrong with my searches?. Would be great for you to exists (and 
become part of) a project like this?. Any comment, tip or idea will be 

Thanks in advance to read this.

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Oscar M. Lage