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Re: [flask ] Tag Cloud - How pa ss list of t ags in each request‏

Re: [flask ] Tag Cloud - How pa ss list of t ags in each request‏

Igor Natd
2012-09-14 @ 22:41
Nope, maybe i did something wrong, but
r = [ Tag for t in db.session.query(Tag).order_by(]return list of
[<class 'app.posts.models.Tag'>] looks good, but if i try get name field  
r[0].name or r[0].idthis return me 
<sqlalchemy.orm.attributes.InstrumentedAttribute object at 0x03228830>>>> 
tags= []>>> t = db.session.query(Tag).order_by(>>> for tag in 
t:...     tags.append(tag)
>>>tagsreturn me list of tags [<Tag: name: u'python'>]>>> 
tags[0].namereturn me as expected - u'python'
Work fine, but your example much more elegant. Thanks!Date: Sat, 15 Sep 
2012 07:38:37 +1000
Subject: Re: [flask] Tag Cloud - How pass list of t ags in each   request‏

                To answer your first question, can you do something like this:
tags = [ for tag in db.session.query(Tag).order_by( ]
That should convert it to a list.
                On Saturday, 15 September 2012 at 7:28 AM, Igor Natd wrote:

Hi Folks!I have simple implementation of tags.table of poststable of 
tagsand many-to-many helper table - post_tags.So i can query - >>>tags = 
db.session.query(Tag).order_by(>>> for r in tags:...        print
r<Tag: name: u'python'>But tags now belongs to type - 
<sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query object at 0x02CE4270>How i can convert it to 
List?And second main question, how i can pass this list of tags in each 
request, that base.htm
 l can render it? Any decoratoror some else best practise.If you have some
examples will be nice!Thanx all! 		 	   		 




2012-09-15 @ 09:17


Re: [flask] unsubscribe

2012-09-18 @ 05:25
On Saturday 15 September 2012 02:47 PM, juliobrisomontiano wrote: