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Flask at PyCarolinas 2012

Flask at PyCarolinas 2012

Matthew Frazier
2012-09-01 @ 18:09
Hello, everyone!

The schedule for PyCarolinas 2012 has just been posted:

PyCarolinas is Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21, 2012, at the Kerr 
building at UNC School of Pharmacy, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There 
are a few talks especially likely to interest Flaskers:

- Saturday at 3:15 PM, Flaviu Simihaian is giving a talk about Python 
applications on Heroku.

- Sunday at 12:45 PM, Rick Copeland is giving a talk about Gevent and

- Sunday at 4:00 PM, Kenneth Reitz is giving a talk entitled, "Flasky 
Goodness." (No, I don't know specifically what it's about. :-P )

There are numerous other talks that aren't directly applicable to Flask, 
but still look very interesting. (I myself will be giving a tutorial on 
iterators and generators Saturday at 11:15 AM.) If you're anywhere in the 
southeastern US, you should come! It's going to be great!

Matthew Frazier