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flask-celery deprecated?

flask-celery deprecated?

Jonathan Zempel
2012-07-09 @ 19:06
I'm using Celery for handling async and periodic tasks as part of a larger
application. I've been looking forward to a Celery update, but I was
surprised to see that the Flask-Celery extension was essentially deprecated
with the release of Celery 3.0.

With my current config, Celery 3.0 is temporarily broken. I'm finding that
it's taking a spaghetti of dependencies to get it right. As such, it
certainly feels to me like there is a continued need for the extension. In
my mind a Flask-Celery extension would (at least) do the following:

1) Accept an instance of a Flask application in either an extension
constructor or init_app() method (i.e. understands how to operate with a
deferred configuration)
2) Support a common Flask/Celery configuration (i.e. no
3) Operate well when instantiated from an Application
4) Continue to provide working Flask-Script commands that can be used
during development

An additional nice-to-have would be an example Celery daemonization script
that works well with Flask deployed to a WSGI server (in a virtualenv).

I definitely like the idea of getting rid of unnecessary code. But in this
case, deprecating the extension feels premature. Are there others out there
who are being impacted by this? Any comments from the extension author(s)?