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I would make a extension. Is it worthy?

I would make a extension. Is it worthy?

2012-06-07 @ 09:51
Hi. I'm newbie on Flask community. (I'm not used to writing English. 
please be understandable.)
I just want to make Flask extension. It's about a database extension.
Let me explain about that extension.

First, a user can add multiple database server to Flask application and 
separate server's to master/slave.
If a user add more databases as a slave during developing or deploying, it
automatically replicated of master server's data.

Second, it supports two ways for sending SQL queries. If a query consists 
of CREATE,UPDATE,DELETE ..., it is sent to a master database. 
A query which have SELECT will be sent to slave databases. And it 
distribute the SELECT query to different slave databases depending on 
slave's connection status.(connection pool or network status??)

I think above feature's would be implemented by wrapping SQLAlchemy.

How about this extension? Is it worthy or nonsense or exist? Or anybody 
already on developing?

Thx for reading.

YoungMin Yoon.