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Calling for maintenance support for Flask-WTF

Calling for maintenance support for Flask-WTF

Ron DuPlain
2012-05-28 @ 23:08

I've been making sure that well-used Flask extensions keep an active
maintainer, but lately, Flask-WTF needs more attention than I can give
it. This is for two reasons: (1) the extension does more than it
should, and (2) I've been using a variety of validation libraries
lately. Regarding (1), I would prefer that Flask-WTF simply integrate
WTForms into Flask and not introduce significant form features [which
should be pushed upstream] or do any kind of namespace hacks [which
breaks on WTForms updates].

This is an official call for maintainers! If you are interested, show
me your github fork and we'll go from there. :-)