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ANN: flask-itemshop (stripe payments for Flask)

ANN: flask-itemshop (stripe payments for Flask)

Steven Kryskalla
2012-05-23 @ 16:40
Hi everyone,

I've created a flask blueprint called flask-itemshop for doing credit
card payments inside your app using Stripe ( It's
available on pypi here:

Demo site:

The main thing itemshop provides is a blueprint factory (ItemBP),
which you instantiate and mount in your app to get the two purchase
steps (display form, display thank you page). The blueprint factory
can be re-used multiple times (e.g. for multiple items), or inherited
and overridden to add new functionality (writing to a database,
validation, sending an email receipt, etc.). I am planning on adding
more examples, docs, and maybe even making it the basis of a full
shopping cart / ecommerce solution (like django's Satchmo).

If you have any feedback or questions please let me know, or report an
issue on the bitbucket page:

thank you!