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Ajax, Sijax, wait screen

Ajax, Sijax, wait screen

Johannes Reichhardt
2012-11-20 @ 08:47
Hello everybody,

I'm pretty new to Python and Flask so please be 
condescending<> :D

I would like to implement a wait site on my script.
What I'm doing:
With my script I'm creating a virtual machine using the url.
It looks if the vm is running, if not.
I split the url in harry and
Run a ssh command to create harry
(wait sreen)
Get a exit state and forward to the webpage on the VM.

Now I would like to have a wait screen. I noticed that I can't get away 
from Ajax/jQuery to do that.
But I didn't find any good example to do so.

Maybe someone of you did that and can provide me a little help?

I have read about Ajax and jQuery and that there is Sijax too.
I really get insane with that ^^ :)

Thank you very much!