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[JOB] Need a Web Platform developer for @gazeMetrix

[JOB] Need a Web Platform developer for @gazeMetrix

Debayan Banerjee
2012-11-01 @ 08:06
gazeMetrix allows brands to track whenever their products appear in
pictures on social media.

We started out in an apartment in Greater Noida and have come a long way
since. We're now part of 500 Startups batch 5 (fall 2012) and are
generating a lot of buzz in the valley and rest of the world.

About the position:

We're looking for someone with the following qualities and experties (in
that order)

Really passionate about working with a startup
Experienced with Backbone JS
Have excellent command over Python (Python flask experience preferred)
Generally understands web-programming really well and has demonstrable
ability to learn & use cutting edge technologies
If you fit the above requirements, Prior experience w/ or understanding of
nosql databases like mongodb etc is a HUGE plus

During the 500 Startups program (until March 2013) you'll be required to be
with us in Mountain View, CA (we'll take care of moving you here and your
stay etc). After the program, the position will have a permanent base in
Bangalore with occasional travels to the US and other locations in the

Job Perks

Stock options (we believe in making sure our people grow as the company
Free lunch
In general, we'll take care of you!

Apply for this position
email us at

Debayan Banerjee
"We let brands know when they were photographed and shared in the social
+91 - 8800846550