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ANN: Flask 0.10 to break Sessions

ANN: Flask 0.10 to break Sessions

Armin Ronacher
2012-10-07 @ 14:02

Flask 0.10 will switch to itsdangerous based sessions that will use JSON
for storage and no more pickle.  This will break some extensions and
some of your code and will break already issued sessions.

I did put a package called Flask-OldSessions on pypi with the old
session code if you don't want to upgrade (or not upgrade now).

Some Python modules might require pickle based sessions.  Flask-OpenID
is one of them because it depends on python-openid which tries to
serialize classes.  That's a bad idea anyways due to size and everything
so it might be a good idea to use such modules with server side sessions.

In any case make sure you are not going to be surprised on upgrade.  The
docs are updated in that regard already.