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I appreciate any help...

I appreciate any help...

Fernando Nava
2012-10-02 @ 07:44
Hey Guys!

I am a (relatively new) self-taught developer.   I’m looking for an
internship/junior programming position in Los Angeles or San Francisco
area. If anyone has or knows of such a position I would love to meet.  I
currently live in Los Angeles, but I’ll be in San Francisco for
Ycombinator’s Startup School (weekend of October 19th) .

I’m fairly proficient in Python, Javascript, HTML, & CSS.  I learn quickly
and I’m a hard worker.

Something I’ve built that I’m proud of is <>

It aggregates you twitter feed links and ranks them.  It is built on top of
Flask, SQALchemy, Postrgress and Heroku.  You can check out the code

You can see some more of my code at GitHub <>.

I look forward to meeting some of you and getting more involved in the
python community.

Thank you!

Fernando Nava