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New Fire★ 0.6 binaries available.

New Fire★ 0.6 binaries available.

2015-02-20 @ 16:21

I have released Fire★0.6 with binaries for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

You can download them here

What's New

1. A new way to add contacts and connect. Before you had to pass around
invite files. I simplified the process where you just need to give someone
an identity string which they can copy and paste into Fire★ to add you.

There is also a new "Email Identity" menu option which creates a ready to
send email to simplify giving someone the identity string.

You can also view your identity which gets copied to the clipboard. You can
copy and paste it to a file, or chat window.

2. A new "Getting Started" tab which goes through the steps of connecting
with others.

3. A help menu which opens up web browsers to the documentation, API
reference, etc.

4. Bug fixes and performance improvements.