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Happy 2015

Happy 2015

2015-01-04 @ 22:02
Happy 2015!

I have great plans for Fire★ this year.

I love the desktop and I feel Fire★ is the most useful on a real 
computer. However, I have an ambitious plan to have Fire★ run on a phone 
OS. Since it is built with the great Qt user interface framework, I want 
to create a QtQuick frontend to apps and Fire★ targeted towards phone 
screens. It will be challenging to make P2P work on phones and this 
might not be possible for all phones and networks.

Along with phone support I want to support the concept of trust 
networks. These are networks that maintain identity of users and 
everyone on the network trusts each other. This is so that Fire★ is more 
useful in larger organizations where it isn't feasible to add contacts 
for each person on each instance (a N^2 operation).

I will expand firegreet to not only signal but help a Fire★ instance 
discover other people in a trusted network. However, Fire★'s P2P nature 
won't be changed, all communication will still be P2P.

I invite anyone reading this to join me making these two things possible.

Maxim Khailo