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Week 45 Update

Week 45 Update

Maxim Khailo
2014-11-08 @ 19:09

Fire★ finally has a Mac build. Though there are still some issues with
it. For example, the voice chat isn't working correctly and there is
some flicker in pong.

I added a new feature where you can now collapse (minimize) Apps in a
conversation. Once complaint I got was that it is difficult to
understand what is going on when there are many Apps in a conversation.
Scrolling is annoying and hopefully being able to collapse Apps that are
not being used should minimize the scrolling you have to do.

Also, if an App is closed and there is an alert within that App, the
title of the App will turn red notifying you that something happened

There has also been a couple of bug fixes related to the Mac build.

Thanks to help from JP Fire★ is starting to get some documentation. I
started working on App writing tutorials and an API reference. I will
hopefully have something published next week.

Newest version of is available for download at