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Week 42 Update

Week 42 Update

Maxim Khailo
2014-10-18 @ 07:08

This is an update on my work on Fire★ for week 42, 2014.

I started my work on making Apps run on background threads. The
application logic was tied to the GUI logic which restricted Apps to run
on the same thread as the GUI.

So towards the goal of running on background threads, The GUI had to be
separated from the Lua API. I just modified over 3000 lines of code and
reorganized the script Apps into two parts. There is the front end and
the back end.

You can see the commit here

Thank god for type safe languages! Once I removed the QT widget
canvas,layout and output pointers from the Lua API into an empty
frontend class, the rest of the API automatically fell out from fixing
compiler errors. So a lot of elbow grease without much thinking was
involved. But it works!

Now that the separation is done, I can add facades to the front and back
end which use messages to communicate.

So that will be next week.